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Adolescent Counseling

Helping Your Teen Transition and Grow

My name is Dr. Nancy Millian. I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in adolescent counseling, among other services. I offer therapy to teens in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I have decades of experience supporting adolescents in various mental health settings, including schools, private practice, and community clinics. My goal is to help teens become better aware of their emotional complexities, develop new coping strategies, and encourage a lasting state of mental well-being.

Your teen will encounter life challenges everywhere they go. I’m here to help them transform these difficulties into fuel to maximize their potential and enjoy their life.

Read on for more information about adolescent counseling and how I can help.

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What Is Adolescent Counseling?

Adolescent counseling (also known as teen therapy) focuses on addressing the hardship experienced early on, during, and in late adolescence.

The purpose is to help teens examine their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, manage their problems, and develop improved coping skills as they transition into adulthood.

Sometimes teen therapy may also involve working with their caregivers, especially if symptoms are too severe or your teen is at risk of harming themselves or others. Yet, sessions will mostly work like adult therapy, keeping the confidentiality of the client-therapist relationship to help teens feel safe and foster a trusting environment.


Does My Teen Need Counseling?

Suffering is a common human experience. And for a teen, it may feel profoundly hurtful and everlasting, like things will never get better. This can lead to significant pain and stress in their relationships with themselves and others, trickling down to important areas of their life (e.g., school, family, hobbies, daily functioning).

Some of the common symptoms or issues that may benefit from adolescent counseling include:

  • Anger and frustration

  • Body changes and identity conflict

  • Bullying or social issues

  • Family problems

  • Grief and loss

  • High expectations or perfectionism about schoolwork, college prep, or other activities

  • Intrusive thoughts and feelings

  • Irritability or moodiness

  • Low self-esteem and hopelessness

  • Moving or changing schools

  • Poor academic or extracurricular performance

  • Self-harming or risky behaviors

  • Trouble sleeping or eating

  • Withdrawal from family, friends, and others


If your teen is struggling with any of these problems, counseling can help.


How Can Counseling Help Adolescents?

Therapy is not a magical solution to your teens’ problems, but it can be an excellent alternative for them to set healing processes in motion.

Counseling can help adolescents by:

Reframing Thoughts and Emotions

As they grow up, teens may adopt limited and warped ways of perceiving the world. They may become easily entangled in negative lines of thinking, feeling like there is no way out.

Therapy can help them learn how to reevaluate themselves and their surroundings from a positive and effective perspective. With their therapist’s support, teens can shift any problematic thoughts and emotions, setting the stage for better behaviors and connections with their inner and outer selves.

Developing and Practicing Coping Strategies

The therapeutic environment is not only a fantastic place to analyze what can be healed or improved but to practice how to get there.

Within this safe space, your teen can develop practical skills and recreate situations to apply them in their everyday life. This includes stress-management techniques, self-compassion exercises, mindfulness practices, and other coping resources.

Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Adolescents may struggle with communication, managing their emotions, and navigating distress, which can affect their ability to connect with others.

Therapy can guide your teen to improve their emotion regulation, distress tolerance, communication, and social skills, to form and maintain healthier relationships.

Adolescent Counseling with Dr. Nancy Millian

I offer therapy for teens and adults, as well as maternal mental health services to individuals living in New Haven Cty, Fairfield Cty, Westchester Cty, Bergen Cty, and nearby areas.

My adolescent counseling specialties include depression, anxiety, stress management, self-esteem problems, intimacy issues, grief and loss, codependency, and life transitions.

My therapy approach focuses on your teen’s uniqueness, adapting evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to their individual needs. Through humor, empathy, and a non-judgmental atmosphere, we will build upon your kid’s strengths, encourage resilience and kindness, and foster personal growth.

There is significant potential for improvement in all of us, especially in teens who are still finding themselves and their place in the world. I strive to help your teen discover their genuine self and learn how to navigate their obstacles for a brighter future.

Let’s Get Started!

Your teenager deserves support and direction.

Let’s work together to help them grow and thrive.

If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, contact me today!

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