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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Marriage & Couples

I use various therapy and treatment approaches for marriage counseling and couples therapy,(including Gottman informed techniques) depending on your needs. I help clients to develop empathy and build on positive strengths. My  clients have often commented to me that they are eager to come to therapy and see it as uplifting and healing. Therapy can be a process that is positive, sometimes humorous, and one that frees us to be better and happier people.

Couple’s counseling helps build stronger,  more resilient relationships. I offer tools to help you manage conflict, improve communication skills, and increase intimacy. You will explore  ways to understand and change destructive patterns and promote healthier connections. Whether you are dealing with commitment problems, depression & anxiety, remarriage after divorce, have children from previous relationships, or are a couple coping with a new baby in your lives, counseling can really help!

Premarital counseling is also a valuable opportunity for couples to start off on the "right foot", by helping them to start their marriage with a strong foundation of good communication and realistic expectations. I look forward to working with you to move past the barriers in your life, open up new possibilities for you and succeed in realizing your dreams.