Life in Balance
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Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor

Therapist counselor Westchester County NY Dr. Nancy Millian

You have just taken the first step on your road to a better quality of life and a deeper sense of self-empowerment. With my confidential psychotherapy and counseling, you are on your way to feeling in-control and connected to your inner strength and confidence.

Together, we will help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your potential and living the life you deserve. We will find out what is holding you back. By listening to you, empathizing with your issues and using appropriate therapy approaches, I will help you find your inner balance and infuse new energy into your life.

My mental health, therapy, counseling and support services in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, include diagnosis and treatment that is goal-oriented and solution-focused. I specialize in relationship issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem building, as well as other concerns that affect children, adolescents, couples and single adults.

When providing individual counseling and psychotherapy for children and adolescents, I often bring their parents and other family members in for some of the sessions. I use different therapies and techniques depending on age and need, such as art therapy, play therapy, as well as talk therapy with younger children. I provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere that wins the trust of the children and adolescents, which in turn facilitates growth and change.

In working with couples and adults, I use various therapy and treatment approaches, depending on your needs. My psychotherapy and counseling clients have often commented to me that they are eager to come to therapy and see it as uplifting and healing. Therapy can be a process that is positive, sometimes humorous, and one that frees us to be better and happier people.

I look forward to working with you to move past the barriers in your life, open up new possibilities for you and succeed in realizing your dreams.