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Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counseling Helps Put the Magic Back in Your Relationship

Marriage counseling helps couples, married or not, to improve their relationship by helping them to understand and resolve problems.  It gives them the tools to problem solve, communicate better, discuss differences and "fight fair" so they can express their feelings and thoughts more healthily. There are many issues which may bring a couple to counseling.  They can include:  extramarital affairs, divorce, communication problems, financial stress, physical or mental conditions, cultural clashes, same sex relationship issues, blended families or unemployment.I help couples to understand and hear each other in order to accept one another's strengths and flaws without compromising their own needs.
Premarital counseling is also a valuable opportunity for couples to start off on the "right foot", by helping them to start their marriage with a strong foundation of good communication and realistic expectations.