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Infertility Issues
Infertility is a major life crisis that affects every aspect of our lives. If you are trying to become a parent, you are undoubtedly feeling sad, frustrated, isolated and angry. I am sensitive to the issues of loss that affect us in infertility and can help you deal with the emotions involved with trying to build a family.
Hidden No More: The Hidden Emotions of Infertility (From RESOLVE.org, The National Infertility Association)
Infertility is a major life crisis for 1 in 8 couples. For these women and men fighting the disease of infertility, the infertility experience involves many hidden losses for the individuals, their loved ones and society as a whole, including:
  • Loss of the pregnancy and the birth experience;
  • Loss of a genetic legacy and loss of future contributing citizens to the next generation;
  • Loss of the parenting experience;
  • Loss of a grandparent relationship;
  • Low feelings of self-worth;
  • Loss of stability in family and personal relationships;
  • Loss of work productivity; and
  • Loss of a sense of spirituality and sense of hope for the future.
Because infertility often involves major personal life issues and decisions, it is often experienced as a private matter and is not ordinarily discussed in public forums. The personal nature of the infertility experience contributes to the failure of the public, politicians, healthcare professionals and the media to recognize infertility as a disease. This causes a lack of sound knowledge and available resources about infertility.
The Hidden Effects of Infertility on Self-Esteem and Relationships
Infertility has a strong impact on self-esteem. Suddenly your life, which may have been well-planned and successful, seems out-of-control. Not only is your physical body not responding as expected but it feels as if your entire life is on hold. Facing the disappointment of not becoming pregnant month after month can lead to depression for both you and your spouse. It’s important to understand the signs of depression. 
 Depression symptoms include:
Feelings of sadness or unhappiness, Irritability or frustration, even over small matters, loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities, reduced sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleeping, changes in appetite, agitation or restlessness, irritability or angry outbursts, slowed thinking, speaking or body movements, indecisiveness, distractibility and decreased concentration, fatigue, tiredness and loss of energy — even small tasks may seem to require a lot of effort